Monday, May 31, 2010

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Greetings From The Ozarks

The Nose Emporium

From the film "The Blind Beast"

Flaming Jack McBride


Pussy Cat

I posted this pic on my original Tumblr page last year.

Mowing Nude


Military Meat Wagon

Maybe a little prayer would be nice in honor of those who died while you're gnawing on your spare ribs.

Composition 29

Photo by Maurice Tabard.

Jello Kitty

Via: - lots of fun stuff.

Welding Lovers

The Psychiatric Ward

Counting Sheep

Pulp Paperback

Sink Bath

Make Men Moan

Homicidal Jingles

Off To The Ball

Beach Peanut

Cuty Lipstick

Extra Large Panties

Uber Vixen

Rosemary's Baby Carriage

The Disneyland Stagecoach

Bowie Pissing In A Toaster

Class Is Now In Session...

Felix The Ass Pincher


The Bettie Page Fan Club


Top photo by Henri Cartier Bresson.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let's Feed The Bears...

The Astroland Giant

Bud Threesome

The Fall

Stag Film

Yi Haaa...

Face In The Mirror

Photo by Fosco Morani.

Junior Miss

Rope Dancer

All Aboard

Pastor Tony

Ana Seridan - 1920's Policewoman