Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Crab Lady

New followers merely informs me that people are still interested in this blog.
Personally, I'm not.

The Witch's House

I'll post more at 700 followers.
Maybe you'll see more Halloween stuff... 
maybe you won't.

Random Comic Book Panels

Five is about one-fourth the amount of the images I post daily on the new blog.
Every image I've posted without a watermark since I've basically ended this blog
has appeared somewhere without a link.
I guess assholes will never change.

Nude Lamp

I'd rather not open up the New Twisted Vintage
to the public, but I'll stick to my word and will do so
at 1000 followers.
Got a problem with it?
Fuck off.

The Medusa Deer

Here's 5, just cause I feel like it.
1000 followers is not for the number. 
I could care less.
It's so that everyone knows from where the images 
I make originate.


Thanks Pam.