Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Little Piggies

The Milkshake Gang 1926

Big Hug


The Abduction

Nude With Lion

Teen-Age Gangsters


My Old Thunderbird

Pet Owl




Sunday Drive


Blue Deco

Anita Page 1930's

The Killer Shrews

Flower Face

My Crazy Aunt

I Stole Your Panties

Dummy Dive

Upsy Daisy

The Balloon Lady

The Bug


Monday, June 28, 2010

Cindy's Ass

Here's another one from my private collection. Cindy Crawford nude from the Playboy shoot.... My job was to powder puff her ass. I did it like a pro...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back To Work

Well, it's been a fun diversion for the past month or so but it's back to writing. I'm a journalist for the Entertainment section of a New York Metropolitan area newspaper and write film scripts for a living.

Anyone interested in my collection of personal photographs such as acting on stage with Tom Cruise back in high school, hanging out with Springsteen and Johnny Cash, playing bongos with Dave "Dr. Chud" Calabrese of the Misfits during our annual Primitive Music Night Festival, shots from various photo jobs, commericals and films that I worked on such as SEX with Madonna, the Playboy shoot with Cindy Crawford, Princess Diana's portrait and many others - you can check out my Myspace page.

For those with pallid skin forever slouching over their computers, let's hope they're confined to a wheelchair, or so grossly overweight that they can't squeeze through the doorframe of their house for there is no other explanation as to why they would not get outside and see this great big beautiful world.

See you whenever...

The Contortionist # 6


The Dog Shack

First Dance

In Old Wyoming

Chicago Outlaws

Deformed Alligator

Vargas # 56

Bird Boy

Nerve Tonic

The Gangster's Moll

The Cat With A Thousand Eyes

Stage Show

The Ass Of Spades

Camera Ads