Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toons Do Porn #16

See ya later, and thanks again Rob.

Halloween Dance

I would love to remove these watermarks.
I put some images up without watermarks like
"So Evil" and "It's tough to be a teenager" etc. to see if
people would do the right thing and include a link...
They didn't.
I got six emails yesterday that someone called
Grottu Orloff  on Tumblr was posting shit I made.
Some people are such assholes.
If they put a link and I'll start to remove
the watermarks.

Director Of Photography

The Doll Factory

Saturday Evening Post

Feel A Draft

Web Girls

Devil Trumpeter

Thanks for following this blog Rob.
I'll post more for you soon.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vintage Nude

That's enough... I have hundreds to post on
The New Twisted Vintage before Halloween.
See ya, and thanks again #705.

Scenic Jungle Cruise

Jumbo Comics

Random Comic Book Panels

Bubble Gum And A Beanie

1958 Topstone Spider Face Mask

71 Cafe

Whirlpool Lovers

Vintage Pumpkin Carving

Molly 007

Mouse Sundae

Thanks 705.
I'll post 10 or 12 more later for you.