Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

Here's a very large photo (I actually had to shrink it a bit since the real file is huge) of the only known existing 'teaser' poster for the 1935 film. It's been called the rarest movie poster in the world and I...

Creeping Menace

Straw Hat

By Keith Carter

Dressing Room Assistant

Strange Tales

Ghost Finder

There are over a dozen creatures, ghouls, and demons hidden in this picture and even more if you smoke a joint before searching...

What They Might Be Thinking.... #107

Arrested On This Day 38-Years Ago...

I considered posting a large photo of Bettie's mugshot but thought this more fitting.

Inside The King's Dream Car

The toiletry cabinet contained all the essentials: A gold-plated electric razor, roach clips, uppers, downers and Hai-Karate cologne.
A microphone was nearby in the event the King had the suddent urge to burst into a rendition of "Teddy Bear."

Inside The King's Dream Car - Part 2

A TV featuring both AC and DC channels depending on the King's mood.
Elvis had initially requested a small boy be enclosed in the compartment so his shoes could be shined manually, however the Colonel advised him against it.

Hey Skinny...


Hell's Angels

For My New Simian Follower...

Thanks Doc.

Embraceable Skull

The Doghouse

From "Man Ray" by William Wegman

Broncho Buster Cowboy Outfit

Ten Cents A Thrill

Federal Agent

London Calling

Best Album Cover Ever...


Cat On a Pumpkin

Let's Play In Traffic

By Baumhoffer

Gilligan's Island

Greetings From Simi Valley...

The Monster With Funny Ears

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Black Cat

Babs And Bonnie

For Jann...

Economical Halloween Costume

Midnight Women

Sand Creatures

By Ray Metzker - Atlantic City 1964

Virgin Underwater

Space Family Portrait

Lovers Interrupted

Teacher's Pet

Cover art from the pulp book 'Teacher's Pet" by Mark Clements

Beach Boys Buggy


The Melting Head