Friday, October 29, 2010

Embraceable Skull


  1. Hi Estancia,
    wow thanks for all the sweet comments you took time to leave on my blogs. That was extremely nice of you to do. I am so glad you now have so many followers, your blog is awesome and so well deserved. YOU do a great job of finding the coolest stuff. If you ever want to take some of my images please feel free to, I always love to share with you. Thank you for allowing me to copy afew of yours - greatly appreciated. Keep up the excellent work. I'm just watching afew scary vintage thrillers off the TCM channel. Adore those old horror type flicks. Glad to be your friend.

  2. I meant every word - your artwork is superb !

    It's so easy to be nice to you because you're real, you're honest, genuine and kind. I wish there were many, many more people like you. Out of all the followers I do have, there are only a small handful I honestly respect - you are one of them.

    Enjoy those horror flicks - sounds like a perfect afternoon !
    Your friend,


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