Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Bye

Taking In The View

Sleazy Marionettes

Long Hair

Andy's Frog

Star Detective

Bull Rider

Dick Griffith

On An Indian Blanket

Daffodil Dames

La Luna

Goodbye Crule World...

John Stezaker

Granny's Convertible

Big Blue Meanies

Extreme Rollercoasters


Driving On Easy Street

BB's Rectal Thermometer

Training The Crane


The Lobster Of Clubs

The Diving Horse

I can remember practically everything from 4-years old on, and a few things before then... I saw this show at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City when I was about five in 1968.

Screaming Green Lady

Lucky Hell Drivers

The Nude Bar

My Imaginary Friends

Piero Taruffi

Sex-Bait For Racket Boys

Katrina Van Oss

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy New Year

I'm a little slow...

Cile Bailey

Eerie Art

Lunch With Frankie

Aboard A Schooner

Mrs. Slutbutt

Judging from the devious smile on the little girl behind the sign, I'd say it was she who had rearranged the letters.


Lee Miller's War

No Babe Is Hard To Get

Balancing Act

In God We Trust

Edi Weitz

Unexpected Company

Farm Hounds

Model In A Chopper


The Girls On The Beach


Please, Not Now

Conjugal Snow-Babe Visits

Sharing A Banana