Friday, February 18, 2011

Helen Levitt


  1. Awright' weez go's over it one more time . When we hears de jingle on da truck Susie runs inta da street and pretends ta git hit. Den when de ol' man comes outta da truck ta checks it out, you n I sneaks up behinds him and lets 'em have it wit' deez baseball bats.
    Den wat Timmy? , Uh, I mean boss?
    Den wat? Den we steals all o da icecreams off da truck you idjit. We'll hav all da ICECREAMS!! Nows quiet and put da masks on I thin I hear de jingles comin' down da street.

  2. Ah the ol' hit and run ice cream truck routine. I know it well. I kept myself in frozen Strawberry Shortcakes, those Almond crumbly things, Zoom Pops and Fudgesicles till I was in my late 30's.


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