Saturday, February 19, 2011

Half Human


  1. Wow! Half Human (but Hlaf Human works too)you are really pulling them out. I saw this once also when I was really really young.
    It was called the Abominable Snowman (no, not the Forrest Tucker version), and I can just barely remember it. I didn't realize it was directed by the great Ishiro Honda. It is probably pretty good.

  2. hahaha -Yeah, I'll correct that. I haven't slept in over 24-hours - it's like being back in production (you know the routine) - BUT THERE'S NO FREAKIN' CRAFT SERVICE !!!!!!

  3. I actually saw it about a decade ago at a friend's B-Movie Night party.
    After exiting the bathroom, I started talking to a girl in the kitchen and missed a good chunk of the movie. From what I saw it was pretty good.
    What I saw of the girl later on was even better.

  4. Obviously she was more then HALF HUMAN
    Bud dum dum

  5. hahahaha - thankfully she was all woman.
    I won't make THAT mistake again (just kidding)


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