Saturday, February 19, 2011

Von Zipper And The Rats


  1. Von Zipper stands no chance against Potato Bug.
    And what of Big Drag? For some inexplicable reason I loved these as a kid. Probably the babes and the cars. (I think by Tommy Ivo and Dean Jeffries in this flick)
    I could watch Candy Johnson dance forever.
    I think this is the one with "Little Stevie" (Wonder) beltin' out a couple of songs. Plus animal impersonator Janos Prohaska and Mother f'ing Mickey DORA!

  2. I know what ya mean... I loved these films too as a kid. Black leather jackets, girls in bikinis, Candy dancing and of course... Don Rickles. Not to mention parents trying to sheild my eyes at the drive-in when things got 'hot and heavy' - 1960's style.


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