Monday, February 21, 2011

Lunch With Frankie


  1. Lauren Hutton visits Universal Studios?
    Looks like she has her Gap-filler in; either that or she has a piece of popcorn stuck between her teeth. I prefer her gap toothed. I have some awesome vintage pics your pal Big Dick Avedon took of her. I will dig them up.
    A friend of mine was once offered the Frankenstein job at Universal studios(rubber mask and heavy wool coat in 100 degree heat in Burbank, uh no thanks) and we tease him about it to this day.

  2. LOL - OMG, we think so much alike it's scary. Yes, the alternate title was Frankie Fills The Gap With Popcorn.
    I can identify with your friend... When I moved to Georgia after meeting this 18-girl girl on the Internet, I needed a job. I soon found myself working as "Homer" the mascot for the Atlanta Braves. I had a big, fuzzy baseball head and for one season, for that season my own baseball card.
    When you call next, I'll tell you more stories about dressing my then girlfriend up in the outfit and having kinky sex in a flea market parking lot...

  3. You were a FURRY!?!
    I am sure there is a special sub-class of furries for the Mascot variety.
    And I would spell out eighteen and 18 just to make sure it was really really clear and all. I know there is a Screwball or Knuckle-ball joke here somewhere, but I am too tired.

  4. I WAS AND AM NOT A FURRY ! About a year ago, I had no idea of what that even meant.

    It was very innocent actually... I placed the big fuzzy, baseball over her head and begged her to do the tomahawk chant as I fucked her repeatedly up the ass while onlookers bought used toasters and outdated hi-fi equipment... So you see, it was all rather normal.... or was it?


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