Friday, February 18, 2011

Mysterion 1963


  1. Built by Ed Roth, Maywood, California. Interior by Martinez of Los Angeles, California.
    Paint by Watson of Los Angeles, California
    Powered by two Ford Thunderbird 406 Engines
    Like a great many Roth vehicles all show and no go; it barely worked constantly broke. Torn apart for parts after about a year.
    Some dudes recreation below

  2. You mean "Big Daddy" - lots of great info Mr. X. Thanks !

    My first introduction to Roth was when I was 9-years old. Daytona Beach, Florida.
    I was on vacation with my parents, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles - 1971. Even though there were a dozen bikers hanging out in front, I made my dad take me into The Purple Banana - (looking back - it was a head shop) black-light posters, strange incense, weird pipes in a display case and yes, Rat Fink emblazed upon a surfboard. I was hooked ever since.


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