Friday, February 18, 2011

Me, My Mohawk And My Ride

Richard Avedon


  1. I think this was 1987-88 - working at Iris Films on 23rd St. - Avedon worked there as a director doing mainly perfume, make-up and fashion jobs.
    We went out scouting locations - used my car. I had a cheap camera with me and said "Dick, take a photo of me..."

  2. For real?
    That is a great story. My Portrait by Avedon.
    It's like you are in "Funny Face"
    That is also a great year for T-Birds ('56?), Love the Continental Kit.

  3. '57 on the T-Bird. I think I was the only brash youngster in the office to call him "Dick."

  4. I am going to say not a '57.
    as your car has:
    No Fins
    Bumper Boobs
    Round Turn Signals
    Straight Bumper
    None of which a '57 has.
    I stand by '55 or '56
    Maybe it wasn't Richard Avedon either but his brother Jimmy Jack Avedon impersonating Dick in order to put one over on you?

  5. Stick to your guns.. I bought it as a '57. Richard was Richard - a bit of a pompous prick, sometimes a decent fellow and me, not knowing much about phorography at the time, didn't think too much about his reputation. Actually, Jay Dubin - who directed many of Billy Joel's videos and was a much more approachable dude (and had some good weed to boot) was someone I got along with much better. "Dick" was just some gray-haired guy bumbling around the office...


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