Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lucky Hell Drivers


  1. Still from the new Nic Cage Movie.
    It honestly does not look like he is going to clear the end of the trailer although he is going so fast his tires are stretching. His name should be Irish Moron not Moran.

  2. Hahahaa - yes, he was probably drunk as hell and thought he was taking a Sunday drive before the promoter strapped him into the driver's seat and told him the bar was closing soon.

    The photo looks so fake (aka Nick Cage) but in fact it's a LIFE mag still.

  3. Unlucky Hell Drivers are subject of much interesting pictures.

  4. That's a convertible - why would you use a convertible to be shot out of a cannon? Clearly some trickery going on here. I suspect the car is driven up a ramp into the 'cannon', at speed, and a staged explosion happens while the car drives through.

  5. Thankfully the daredevils back then didn't think too much about what their hair looked like or how swell they would appear on the cover of a magazine.

    I don't think it's staged and I am forever grateful to the Life magazine photographers who took the time to sensationalize these antics.


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