Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Piero Taruffi


  1. Scaglietti bodied Ferrari 315S Spyder, 3.8-litre V12 engine producing around 360 bhp This car, driven by Piero Taruffi, won the Mille Miglia in 1957. The car is still around and was raced in 2007! Obviously a super awesome vehicle worth significantly more than my house I suspect. Rather long,hard to park , and expensive to fix but I would face the peril in a heartbeat .WANT! WANT! WANT!

  2. We'll have to duel over this one... Amazing that this awesome machine was still freakin' racing in 2007. Totally incredible !

    To say 'they don't make 'um like they used to' would be a ridiculous understatement !

  3. More research
    They only made 2 like this
    After racing and winning the car was sold to an American in 1964 who paid $3,500 USD for it(a lot in '64 but holy shit!) .
    After changing hands several times, in Nov. 1992 the car was sold to Bernie Ecclestone for the asking price of $7,500,000 USD, He sold it and the guy who owned it in 2007 and raced and showed it went through a big divorce and no one is sure where the car is now.
    My Birthday is in Mar.; you don't have to wrap it.

  4. Excellent research because I was about to add... we wouldn't only have to duel, one of us would have to win the fucking lottery !

    March eh?

    Well, if I did win I'd put a bow on it, but I'd want you to move because it would be a shame to bottom-out this beauty in Laurel Canyon... of course, though I'd want you to make your neighbor with the Countach jealous as hell first.


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