Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sleazy Marionettes


  1. A dark look behind the scenes at the It's a Small World attraction at DisneyWorld Fla. Here we see one of the back alleys behind the Las Vegas or Folies Bergère sections, where you can find down on their luck puppet performers some of them former showgirl-puppets, turning tricks to support linseed oil and varnish habits. Most of their customers ("Johns") insist on oral sex as it is the only way to keep them from singing that insipid song ad infinitum; and cases of transmissible diseases (splinters and termites)are common.

  2. I'll miss your comments most of all Scarecrow.

  3. And hears a rendition... "It's a small gag...af...gag gag ter all.. gag.. it's gag.. a sm... gag.. all.. gag.. af.. gag gag gag.. ter add..."


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