Friday, February 18, 2011

Food Fair


  1. When first approached by the bikers Ellen was unsure; join an outlaw motorcycle club? What would her bridge club think or Harold her husband for that matter? But Ellen loved the tingling feeling that her Lambretta gave her in her privates as she revved it's throttle. Often it made her wet, in point of fact, sometimes just thinking about riding it, just thinking about straddling that fine Italian leather seat made her wet. Ellen knew in her heart that once she got on a real Harley there would be no getting off. She adjusted her scarf and looked over the top of her Dior sunglasses at the black leather clad and black pony-tailed leader the beautiful Mickey, who was applying yet more lip gloss and said. "I'd love to try out for the Hot Tunas"
    and as she said it and looked first at her wedding ring and then the bag of groceries on the Lambretta's spare, she realized that the Twins were just going to have to wait for their "Ant's on a Log"

  2. hahaha - please send the Ebay link to that 'used' scooter seat. I'll bid whatever it takes...


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