Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Chair

I was in prison once. A very modern day, environmentally correct contemporary one. The chair was solar powered.  If it was cloudy, it could take up to three days to fry a guy. At least he got a few creme brulees before he met his maker...


  1. A Blonde for Ol' Sparky
    I would bet this is a Norm Eastman Painting.
    It looks like one of his models.
    WTF? No sponges but high heels?

  2. Norm - A great guess.
    I'm obviously joking with this one...the guys in D block showers however got a good laugh when I told it to them - but then again, I had dropped the soap at the time.

  3. "Creme Brulee's" sounds like a euphemism for orgasm through electrical stimulation aka E-Stim

  4. lol - wasn't going there with it... but it works.

  5. Genie: "...and your third wish?"

    Heather: "I want to be smokin' hot!"

  6. Brilliant !

    Korbin and Mr. X should both be stand-up comics. Seriously, you guys just need a pair of Converse high-tops and a groovy sportscoat.


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