Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daffodil Dames


  1. Now look here you East Coast ruffian, do not refer to my State Flower the beautiful (but unfortunately virtually non-opioid producing) California Poppy(Eschscholzia californica) as a "Dafodil". Attitude like that is why you are freezing your posterior off in snow and ice while there are women all over Ca. walking around nude like this in the glory of the Sun right now. I see this sort of thing almost everyday in California.
    For instance here we see a 1970s still totally gorgeous Diane Webber as nature made her in the warm California Sun.
    Now if you will excuse me I see a couple of beautiful naked blonde babes( with picnic baskets) obviously lost and in need of assistance on my back hills in in the Canyon. Good day sir.

  2. You're sooo right - in the ruffian sense.

    I've just convinced a 28-yo girl from Texas to meet me in San Fran in June. The plan is to rent a convertible and drive down the coast...

    When we get to LA - please meet us - daffodils are optional.



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