Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey Day Of Static, you piece of shit mother fucker - you call yourself an artist yet spend more time ripping off my photos and not giving me credit - you dumb fuck loser.

What I find utterly pathetic are those people - primarily on Tumblr - who fritter away their days posting images of celebrities and rocks stars who have actually done something with their lives.

Then there are those who profess to be artists yet show nothing of their own work on their page. It's as though the images they post are in some vain attempt to portray their own personalities, nay, what the wish they were. However, if they were to spend half as much time working and focusing on their own medium whether it be photography, painting, music or writing, perhaps they'd have something to offer the world.

I respect those who post something personal that offers a glimpse into their personality and creative abilities. A blurry snapshot or a stick drawing holds more merit in my opinion because it’s real.

It's like an Easter Egg Hunt whereupon these people hoard what they find and claim it as their own. They don’t realize it’s the ones who’ve painted and designed the eggs that are truly the laudable ones. Maybe they’ll wake up and realize the fat basket of eggs they cling to merely stinks.


  1. I've used to re-post your pics to my friends, as in not publicly, and I appreciate your pic blog, it brightens my grey life. Bu, I do not understand your tandrums about people ripping you off, like those old pics would be yours, just because you've changed them a bit. Albeit, some of them you have given a new life, so to speak.

  2. I’m not referring to photographs, some of which have been around for decades. It’s the images I took the time to Photoshop, or others that were drawn for me specifically.
    I honestly wouldn't give a shit if people were inclined to first comment yet it's all done so surreptitiously like thieves in the night. I’ll get an email from a friend telling me they saw something I did on someone’s blog or Tumblr page and it feels intrusive and only goes to bolster my belief that we live in an inconsiderate anesthetized society.
    I refrained from putting a watermark or tagging images because I believe it diminishes the photo’s integrity and on some occasions I’ve been directed to some people’s pages and saw their tag on something I’ve created. How would you feel?
    I apologize for my ‘tantrums’ however it unfortuantely appears calling people out on the matter is the only was to evoke a response these days.

  3. Yes, I agree it's extremely questionable behavior to post someone's pics on a public website, without mgiving credit to the source. I hope it won't stop you from posting all these lovely images in the future though. =)

  4. I may continue - although it's all beginning to feel like mental masturbatory nonsense.

  5. Well I'm a photographer, and I do feel your anger, but I on the other hand get upset when someone takes my photos and alters them. That to me is a slap in the face and disrespect. However you put a lot of effort in compiling wonderful vintage potographs as a resources to the public. It is hard and unfortunate that in the cyber world...artist like myself don't get proper credit. Shit I saw my photo on the cover of a magazine with no credit...which is why I don't post anything online anymore.

    good luck...and one has to have a thick skin in dealing with the massive idiots out there...

  6. That's pretty incredible that someone used a photo of yours for the cover of a magazine and neither gave you credit nor compensation.
    I just wish people in general would have more consideration but my faith in humanity is steadily dwindling.
    "Thick skin" - that's good advice, and best of luck to you as well.


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