Monday, December 27, 2010

Candycane Land


  1. Talking about candy canes - do you know "Les succettes" sung by France Gall? At youtube is a 1960is music video with very strange looking "candy canes"..(didn't know if you'd care for the link..) The lyrics contain tons of innuendo.. though Miss Gall stated she didn't know.. ;")

  2. I don't believe I know the song but I will look for it on Youtube.

    Yes Irene, please put the link up if you'd like - that could be a lot of fun.

    I sure do love a good sexual innuendo :)


    well, it is actually "sucettes" - my french sucks.. *blush* *hihi*

    I think France Gall is quite cute though..

  4. I LOVED IT ! Thank you Irene for sharing.
    Yes, France Gall is quite cute as is your blushing and saying "hihi" -

    I'm sure your French doesn't 'suck' but speaking of 'sucking' there is quite a bit in this video... Now, if you'll excuse me I need to take a cold shower.

  5. hahaha - I KNEW you would like it. Amazing that this could be broadcastet, isn't it? When I first watched it, I thought I must be dreaming.. :")

  6. Surreal and her voice is sooooo sexy.

    Totally amazing that they could get away broadcasting this.


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