Monday, December 27, 2010

A Monster For Kelly


  1. haha - I completely forgot the name of this horror film.

  2. The She Creature.
    The Great Paul Blasidell made the suit. Which he probably also wore.
    All good till the Director wants it to come out of the water, something it was not made to do. So the suit is made from cut sponge foam which instantly absorbs all the ocean water and now weighs hundreds of pounds. and smells like the low tide crab. Oops.

  3. Thanks AzzthothX !

    Another great and funny story about the film business - you're chock full of them !

    I always thought that out of all the B-Movie monsters, this one, The She Creature, was pretty freakin' cool.

  4. For a minute I thought you'd found a picture of me before my morning coffee.

    Check it: a color version in this thread (scroll down) which is also full of other awesome monsters!

  5. hahaha -

    Thanks for the thread ! The She Creature in color - wow ! I've never seen that... And that dog in that crazy get-up (The Killer Shrews) !!! I'm telling you this stuff beats computer generated images any day !

  6. I love The Killer Shrews times One Hundred. Mostly people standing around in a barely-furnished living room and drinking. And drinking.

    The "shrews" were kind of scary - not just for my kids, either. [ shudder ]

  7. You really do know your monster movies. I loved them as a kid, and still do but haven't watched any old ones in years... it's about time I do!


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