Monday, December 27, 2010

Turn In Your Rubbers


  1. I'm sure they wouldn't want my used rubbers.

  2. Sure they would ! It helps to defeat Nazis.

  3. "At least two custom-built publicity speedsters were in use by
    Gilmore. The first one in the early 1930s looked something like an
    Auburn. The second one looked like a Cord but had a fin running down the
    back. It reminds one of what "Flash Gordon" might have driven. The
    cars were used on tour, in parades, etc. Both cars were painted cream and
    trimmed in red with red leather upholstery which had to be replaced on
    a regular basis because the lion cubs liked to claw and chew it apart.
    A few years ago, the first speedster disappeared and has since been known
    as the "Gilmore Mystery Car.""

    Gilmore is now Mobil.


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