Tuesday, May 3, 2011



  1. As Dee felt his main-shaft penetrate her undercarriage she gave out a little crash of twisted metal joy. "Harder, piston harder" she screamed Her seats buckled as his bumper drove in further. Cracks appeared in her frame but she was beyond caring. Just when she thought she could go no higher his fan blade cut through her front seat and began to tickle her dashboard with it's repetitive flicking. His horn was blaring now and the roar of his high revving engine was becoming more chaotic. Dee rotated her differential so that her spinning tires would rub against his crankcase and drive-shaft. Reeeeeevvvvv he yelled and then coughed twice before sputtering out all his oil on the asphalt and dying right there on the sidewalk.

  2. Such an erotic car-crash... though it makes me feel estranged due to the idea of finding a car-crash erotic!
    AzathothX, is that a part of the book the movie "Crash" is after?


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