Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One must be delusional to think they own the rights to an image merely for posting it.  On the other hand, if one creates an image, I personally feel a link should be provided.  

It’s been apparent to me for sometime now that people are posting images I’ve altered or created without a link, so I’ve been holding out my best work and favorite images for the New Twisted Vintage.

Take whatever you’d like from this blog. I don’t give a shit anymore. I’m tired of the game.

These tags sicken me so the new blog will have none of that. I’m only allowed 100 followers so if you’d like an invite email me. If you don’t already follow this blog don’t even fucking think about it. 

And here’s the kicker... if ever this blog attains more than 1000 followers, I’ll gladly transfer the work I’ve been doing on the new site to this one. Otherwise - fuck off.


  1. Still happening, huh....
    I saw one about a week ago without a link...
    I'll get in touch soon, (too busy lately)

  2. I shall sit with dismay on this day that things have frayed...

  3. Don't worry. You'll soon see plenty of new stuff...

  4. It's really too bad it had to come to this, but I completely understand. You are very creative, and when someone steals work you have done, it's insulting, not to mention illegal. I hope you'll give me an invite to the new blog, 'though I haven't been following on here very long.

  5. Of course YVRJon - I'd be happy to.
    Send an email and give me a week or so to finish up the final touches on the new blog.



  6. Sorry you're still dealing with all the unoriginal jackholes who keep stealing your work. :( For some reason I can't get an email sent to you, but I'd love an invite to the new blog...if there's room. :) Thanks in advance!

  7. Yup - still dealing with it. I try not to let it bother me since I'm only doing this for fun, but it still does at times...

    Here's my email: mjslick007@yahoo.com

  8. It hard to know if the things on your website (which I realy do like) are original or obsconded from another source. Have you ever thought of putting your name or url on the picture? I do!
    Look we are all "creative" in our own ways but if you dont put your credits on your stuff... then its free game in my book.
    Best Regards,
    The Sushi Bandit

  9. what a fucking crybaby, good riddance

  10. WTF???! Don't speak sushibandit. Your site is full of twisted vintage's stuff.

  11. ya cant leave! i fockin lov this shite! :(

  12. I'm offering it to followers of this blog first... I have ten spaces left that I'm holding and will be sending out invites by Friday.

  13. Drewsus - I'm sending out invite and can't find your email - please, send it again. I'm already posting images...


  14. shame, only just found you, all the best, would have liked to have seen more x

  15. Well there's over 7,500 images here to browse through.

    Thanks for following this one.

    If you'd like to send an email for the new site, I'll see what I can do.

  16. Dear Estancia de la Ding Dong,

    Just logged into TV and saw your posting. I fear that I have, through ignorance of your desires, been one of those who have posted content from your blog without a link. In my defense I will say that I have never claimed it to be my work and have regularly posted that I am only a presenter, not the author. I have directed many of my more twisted colleagues to your blog and know that they visit it. I do not know if they are followers or not.

    I recently became a follower of the blog (Edward Williams). It is absolutely fucking brilliant, and I would hate to be left out on the new blog. I'd like an invite to follow it, and will post a link in attribution on every repost. No shit, honest Injun. I'm kind of new to blogging and I just assumed you had tons of visits given the richness of the content.

    Even if you decide not to extend an invite to me, just know that I appreciate the content and the work it takes to produce it. Hope to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Ed Williams

  17. i would very much like an invite to your new digs please (msstrez at gamail dot com)

  18. I'm not sure if you currently follow this blog as 'a rose is a rose' but I did notice you like Johnny Cash and one of your favorite books is 'Confederacy Of Dunces' - those are two big pluses... I'll see what I can do.

  19. I hope a link of sorts happens here so I'll know where to go, I love this place!

  20. "Love this place?" Wow, that's pretty passionate.

    The link is on my profile. It's my email.

    I've already started to send out invitations.

  21. "'m offering it to followers of this blog first..." i am a follower...

  22. Yes, I realized that and saved you one - I'll send it soon.

    I've also explained to people who have emailed me that I'm giving out only 25 this month, 25 next month, etc. and those that didn't make it will be on list.

    What's also nice is that I can remove anyone at anytime if I start to see my work out there without a tag.

  23. I DON'T HAVE YOUR EMAIL INTERZONE - send it to my email account.

    Other people are waiting.

  24. I finally checked-out Sushi Bandit's Tumblr page ... wow, what a fuckin' uncreative loser... he has nothing to offer the world - except for me and my work.. I wish him the best clearing tables at Denny's....

  25. What a poor little fuck ... what's he gonna do with out me now?

    ha ha ha... dude, you are wasting you life riding on my coattails. Get a life - create something for yourself, make it happen - 'cause you ain't seen nothin' yet.

  26. Please identify all the content you feel is yours (since you did something clever with it) and send me the list with title and dates posted and I will be happy to remove them.

    Unaltered stock photos or artworks do not qualify since in all likelyhood they come from a different source.

    Send your list to: remove@sushibandit.com
    and allow one week for review.

    The Sushi Bandit

  27. That's pretty funny since anyone who goes to your page can see all of the things I've done.

    But really dude, don't you have a life?
    To me it's pretty sad that you can't create on your own. You spend your days posting what real artists have conceived ~ that's fucking laughable :)

  28. Geez.. I reach out and try to make good and you refuse to accept my kind offer.

    Well Im sure the copyright owner of your logo would like you to license it.


    Tell me how it goes!

  29. Put a link to my page then you'll "make good."

  30. Nah, after looking at your buddy's "Designing Wally" blogger page in your profile I have to decline. You see, I cant have a link to pages full of teeange boys dicks. My fans might wonder if I turned queer or something. You go ahead and enjoy all that cock in the bunghole stuff and I'll enjoy the ladies.


  31. Glad you wrote that ~ now everyone will know the total fucking loser you are.

    See, I love everyone. I've gotten two book deals off this blog alone...

    Here's something Tom Waits whispered in my ear at Puffy's Tavern when we were getting drunk together....He said; "Michael, the world is full of characters ~ learn to love 'um all."

    Yeah, peace dude...

  32. You are not an artist and Johnny Cash doesn't like you.

  33. Don't be so thick-headed. After reading this last post with its comments, I'm no longer interested in your future blog/work. And I don't think I'm the only one. Bad move, in my opinion..
    So people steal your work, hey, you're on the internet, you should've thought about that before you started this blog.

  34. I've learned my lesson. I am now only sharing my blog with a selected few.

  35. As well you should, because those other butt muffins suck. If they wanna whine because you call them out, let them.

  36. A selected few that know and love your work. Your making it more difficult for you to reach out to people who share the same interests. What is the purpose of you new blog then? I'm not whining cause I'm "out", I've got plenty of vintage blogs to follow. I'm just saying, cause you seem so defensive.
    Why don't you just mark your work? Like, in example, Leather&Tobacco? I think it would be in your interest if you'd calm down and choose the more obvious.

  37. The purpose of my new blog is to continue to infuse my humor with vintage images. That’s what I set out to do with this blog and that’s what I’m doing with the new one. For me, it’s pretty much a goof, something I do when I’m bored, something I do in between writing assignments.

    “Tags” and water-marks, for me, depreciate the integrity of an image. And I’ve also come to learn that without one, doucebags on the Internet will steal them. I expected people to 'do the right' thing' - they didn't - so fuck 'em.
    When I’m told links have been put in place, I’ll reconsider things. Right now, I’m happy the way things are.

    I don’t know why YOU are concerned. You obviously don’t follow this blog and as you say, there are plenty of vintage blogs out there, so enjoy them.

  38. I don't know if it's too late to get an invite (if not pierrebautista AT gmail DOT com) but if not is there a possibility you can have a flickr page that disables downloading? I miss you already.

  39. Thanks for the kind words Pierre ~ I'll see what I can do.

  40. I just think your work is awesome and I think it's a pitty you restrict yourself and others by what happened, that's why I react. I understand your reaction, I just would've dealt with it another way.
    It's just a pitty that another creative blog finds its end because some assholes aren't creative enough.
    But as you said, if it's a goof for you, you just keep enjoying yourself with your work.
    No hard feelings here.

  41. Sounds to me like you are a confused, emotionally vulnerable asshole. Nice photoshopping though.

  42. And so you shall forever stay - anonymous - riding on other's coattails and going to sleep each night praying you were someone else.

    It amazes me that people are still visiting.
    The blog is finished until I see 1000...

    So many wonderful comments make me realize I'm doing the right thing.

  43. your a Selfish Prick. "Oh, they are stealing my beautiful rep-offs of other peoples works"
    I agree with that sushibandit guy, get permission to use your logo!

  44. Selfish? ahhhhhh, too bad - It's my fucking stuff - you fucking idiot. You haven't a brain in your head and I'm too busy with my other blog to deal with cunts like you...

    1000 - then you'll see it - otherwise, as I said - and will for then last time - FUCK OFF.

  45. And it's 'rip' RIP ! You dumb fucking bitch. Are you too ignorant to spell a three-letter word?

    You would agree with loser dopey, prick like Sushi Bandit - someone without any creativity who has a wonderful future in store for himself, I'm sure....hahaha :)

  46. YEr so stuped.

  47. I hope I haven't contributed to this decision. I love this blog and I have reposted stuff from it, but I've ALWAYS credited it with a link.

    If it's not too late for an invite, I'd love to see the new stuff.

    And I promise not to repost if that's what it take!

  48. Thanks Mark - we've emailed in the past. ALSO one day, I WILL purchase your book.

    I'm still holding onto a number of invites to hand out to people I respect.

    I'd love for you to see the new material. An invite in on it's way.

  49. Thanks for the invite! If you get Marvellous Hairy now, you can also get entered in a draw to win a Kindle! http://markarayner.com/marvellouskindle/

    And my publisher is giving away PDF copies of The Amadeus Net until the end of May: http://www.encpress.com/34986ty34wethANdo.html

    Thanks again!

  50. Sure thing.

    All you had to do was be polite and ask...

    Twisted Vintage II - will be for the spill over of requests...

  51. Then neglected to repost THIS !


    Over 200 new posts on the new blog and YOU ain't gonna see 'um :)

  52. 19,000 more to go... and still creating...

  53. Rahhh.. Mista Sushibanit no post mo rimages?
    Rim too stupirid to trink on his own ?

    Rim missing out on rots a rimages ~ tree hundred so faaaar... hahaa..


  54. May I have an invite? I only just recently found this blog and I love it. My email is ShillingsMaster@live.com

  55. Abriana ~ the name alone jiggles my loins ~
    sure, sweetie... once I check everything out... i'll send u 1...

    Tell your friends to follow the original TV 'cause they will NOT see any of the NEW images till those scumbags start posting LINKS !

    You dipshits are missing out on so much i wish to share.......

  56. What a shame, only stumbled on your blog recently as well.

  57. Yup - total fucking shame... I wish you all could see what I'M posting now....................

  58. I am interested in seeing your work. I followed the link from Morbid Anatomy. Sorry to hear that people are stealing from you.

  59. "Thanks for the cock - you rock" ?
    Well, that's a pretty cool quote... and I am a sucker for a pretty girl... so.... check your mail box....

  60. Ummmm... I do need your email as well as an 8X10 snapshot of you spread eagle on a rock - make sure you're smilin' :)

  61. Just discovered this blog. I creamed my jeans and smiled from ear to pervy ear.Too late! Ugh! If possible, I would love an invitation to the new one avitamia@gmail.com

  62. I don't understand how you can claim tights to most of the content on this blog. Most of the images are easily found online and are not your artwork. Just because you posted it does not mean you own anything. I work with copyright everyday and I am sorry to see you stop blogging an otherwise nice blog full of vintage images.

  63. Can't you read? I'm not talking about those images. I'm talking about the ones I created.

    I HAVEN'T STOPPED Blogging. The New Twisted Vintage is filled with new images.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Dear E.D.L.D.D.,

    Damn my hide for coming across this place so late in the game! If'n you still have some slots open for your private "Twisted Vintage," I'd sure like to join the happy crowd behind the green door. Your stuff puts my hair up in curlers!
    (ps: I'm neither a plagiarist nor a Bot. Pinky promise.)

  67. The New TV is filled up but I may open up the second blog next month for the vast requests of individuals still interested in this nonsense of mine.

    I'll keep you posted.

  68. Mr. M, I'm much obliged to you.
    I put it in your Yahoo.

  69. Ha ~ that's where most of this shit belongs... in my Yahoo.

    I'll try sending an invite within the next week or so... hold tight.

  70. mi dispiace tanto, :(((((((((((((((((((

  71. I'm sorry - but much of your blogs appears to be the photo manipulation of other people's work.

    Am I missing something?

  72. so enlighten me. it seems you are taking other people's work, manipulating it, and pretending that give you ownership of it.

    and are boo hooing because people are doing the same to you?

  73. I could go into a whole rant about what it means to spoof something or play satire on a piece. It entails creative thought etc.

    At one time I would have enjoyed explaining or discussing things with you - but you've obviously changed since returning from Utah.

  74. Utah changed me in many ways. Mostly I now understand the difference between satire and copyright violations. It was a difficult thing I went through.

    Maybe you should move on.. move on from this sham of creativity and start creating.. truli creating the art you are capable of.

    Mostly I was saddened by your tantrum post. To hear one thief cry about other thiefs.. is to hear a boy crying about being a man.

    Forver yours,

    even if you don't se it,


  75. I stop by here to look at the images (some great, some just OK) sometimes and occasional fits unlike this one.

    You are either delusional or really have no flying clue what “an original creation” means.

    To call yourself a creator of any image you will have to actually take a photograph or draw/paint something yourself, with your own two (or in your case 3) hands.

    Would you kindly point into the direction of what you call "my own creations"??

  76. I really don't have time anymore for these fucking comments. Nor will I explain myself further.

    Not creations?
    Explain that to John Stezaker, who commonly creates collages with old photos and illustrations of landscapes pairing them in such a way that the cliff of a mountain resembles a nose or profile of a face, as an example. Or Grete Stern, who incorporates vintage illustrations into her collage work. Or the street artist Bansky for that matter. He's take a familiar image such as a Life magazine photo of a Viet Cong about to shoot a Vietnamese man in the temple with a pistol and replace the gun with a flower.
    It is no longer an image associated with the photographer from Life magazine but rather that of Bansky's.
    And while in no means do I dare compare myself to these artists, I merely am putting forth examples of what it means to create.

    You don’t see it? Toughn fucking luck.

    I'm done explaining. I have much better things to do...

  77. Emily the MisunderstoodJune 16, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    I don't really care that you do what you do.. Some of my favorite works involve direct copyright violations, I just think its funny you have a tantrum when OTHER people "steal" your work without giving you credit.

    I mean... do you really not have a mirror in your house?


    BJP: What do you make of copyright and intellectual property laws?

    John Stezaker: Copyright and intellectual property are not something I have an immediate interest in. People occasionally give me a tome on them. No body has ever been interested in challenging me [for his use of images], even though I usually leave the copyright sign on the things, which is a pretty direct challenge. Either people are being very understanding or the images are copyright free by now.

    I’m making much more fundamental point – all property is theft. I’m stealing. I see my work as that, it’s important to be clear about it. Appropriation sounds much too official. A young student once asked me that, ‘Why do you call it appropriation?’ and I said ‘I don’t, I far prefer theft’. It gets to the point. Sometimes I do think of the circumstances of the photographer, and here I am probably making more money out of their photographs than they ever did. I have sort of strategies of reparation, such as at least people are being introduced to their photographs through my work.

    Read more: http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/interview/1940374/john-stezaker-vandal-thief

  78. I have plenty of mirrors in my house. In fact there may be a reflective surface in nearly all of the 24 rooms.

    It is nice to know you’ve finally gotten the balls to reveal who you are, as well as your sentiments. But do you really think I care anymore?
    When someone hides behind a cloak of anonymity and calls me a thief - my response can only be this - go fuck yourself.

    I started this blog out to entertain people - nothing more - and people pissed me off so it’s over.
    Add yourself to the list.

  79. OH - and I'm sure nothing ever irks you. I bet you dance around all day on tippy toes going from the gym to the beauty parlor with a big smile plastered on your face. Goody for you.

    I really, really am tired of trying to defend my opinions. Maybe a tantrum wasn’t warranted but I act, and always have acted, while in the moment. And, the ’tantrum’ moment came after seeing images I altered, or whatever the fuck you’d like to call it, on other peoples’ sites with their names attached to it.

    I don’t dance on clouds. I have emotions and display them earnestly.

  80. Emily the FabulousJune 17, 2011 at 5:57 AM

    "It is nice to know you’ve finally gotten the balls to reveal who you are, as well as your sentiments."

    I'm not sure you actually get my intentions. I mean I've stated them a few times, but you are trying hard to read past them.

    I'm not calling you a thief, I'm calling you a hypocrite. You appropriate art without apology, yet criticize others for doing the same. I understand you have some fine distinction in there about how what you do is "creative", but I can make that same argument about re-posting your work. The act of writing is creative. When I repost your work, I am creating a new entitity on my blog - the way I arrange the stories, and the images I use is a creative endeavor.

    Again, I'm not calling you a thief - but you put down the name of one of the people you admire.. and he calls what he (and you) do theft!

    And don't knock me going to the gym OR the spa. And I don't think anyone really calls it a parlor these days, hon. I take pride in how I look - I take pride in how people see me. Do you?

    At least you are having a second look at your outburst. That is some progress , yes?

    I'll think of you when I'm doing my thigh exercises tomorrow!


  81. The comment about the gym and salon were not directed at personal appearance but rather going through life blissfully obtuse and squelching one's emotions like some wide-eyed cult member incapable of expressing themselves.

    Please feel free to delete me for those other social networking sites. I won't be insulted. You've already thoroughly achieved that.

  82. Emily the MistakenJune 17, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    I would never delete you. We are friends aren't we? You tell me to express myself, but when I do you attack me for it.

    Everyone tells me I should just stop talking to you... but if we can't argue about stuff...

    It was mean of you to bring up Utah.

  83. Yes Emily, we're still friends. I don’t mind a good debate and actually think highly of someone who is adept at voicing their own opinions. I only wish you had been honest up front so I didn't have to decipher where the initial comment came from.

    Why didn't you just say; "Michael, this is Emily. What the hell is wrong with you, and what is this bullshit post about?"
    I would have respected that approach.

    What do you mean EVERYONE? Who else is reading this nonsense?

    Anyway, I don't know what you mean by 'it was mean of me to bring up Utah' - all I know is that you went skiing for three weeks. You said you’d tell me about your trip but never did. So, I’m totally perplexed on that one.

  84. Emily the EmbarrasedJune 18, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    I sent you a message about Utah... it was horrible. Some of my "friends" got me drunk and took pictures of me like doing stuff with guys. I cried for days. I couldn't believe you brought it up. I've only told like 4 people, and you were one of the people I sent the pictures to. I was hoping you could remove my face from them so noone could tell it was me. You are good with computer pictures.

    as to who is reading... I just showed it your post to 2 friends I trust just because I didn't underswtand why you were being so mean to me.

  85. I had no idea Emily and I'm terribly sorry that that happened to you. Obviously, had I known I would have sent my Italian goomba cousins down there to break some thumbs.

    I'm guessing you sent the photos via the telephone because I never received them.
    I eliminated all of those features on the cell phone a while back, and even suspended the number for a month because I was tired of getting dozens of calls per hour.

    I think you have my home # and I'll probably turn my cell back on next month when I go to California.

    I honestly thought perhaps you’d met someone in on your trip and that’s why I hadn’t heard from you.

    I was not trying to be mean but I am now angry and would like to go all East Coast on those pricks that did that to you.


  86. Emily the MissingJune 20, 2011 at 4:19 AM

    awe that is sweet of you.

    I am not the Emily you think of. You called me that, and that actually is my name, and I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to be that Emily... the one who could take 3 weeks to skii, and knew guys with rooms with 24 houses, and mirrors in each one.

    That or maybe I'm your Emily, but just too embarrassed to admit it. Maybe I don't want to be the Emily whose friends took advantage of her, and soiled her reputation and body.

    we will never know.

    unless you want to ask me for those nudes.

    maybe I'll say yes.

    maybe I'll pretend I never sent them. and say you are crazy.

    either way ...


  87. This is a terrific space for getting a headache. Tnx for maintaining this thread.

  88. I'm sad that you have given this up. You gave up though so you are the loser.

  89. The new blog is going very well. I'm having a great time with it. Over 600 posts so far...

    You apparently cannot comprehend that I shall start this blog back up at 1000 followers...

    Shall I type slower so you can digest all of this? Perhaps, I could dumb it down a notch ... oink, oink, oink, oink...

  90. Is it possibile to have an invitation? I love your work!

  91. Thank you - sure, I'll send you an invite - I love your goofy face... but make sure you follow this blog first :)

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Ahah! Thanks. Sure, I've an RSS subscription. Now I've added the blogger subscription.

  94. I need your email, Sugar :) and some naked photos would help to convince me....

  95. Ahah! Maybe...

    I've sent to you an email with my email address. Thanks!

  96. Yes - you look like a complete ding-dong, therefore I'm sending you an invite :)

  97. People will do what the do. I believe if you treat others with respect and assume trust requesting a link and for work that is your own - and I'm assuming you had the original copyright holders permission to change their work - most will honor that. Typing a name on your photo doesn't prevent anything, it can be cloned out with a few clicks by anyone with editing software and a bit of knowledge or even just a browser to locate instructions. Ask for respect rather than doling out punishment for the "bad people".

  98. I AM THE MAN ~ my shit appears all over the place without a link - "bad people" ~ not anymore ~ if these " bad people" correct it you will see more ~ if not ~ FUCK OFF !

    You're missing out on a world of entertainment.

  99. A response only a child would find appropriate. "I AM THE MAN" and "FUCK OFF !" Do you behave like this in real life? Consider that a rhetorical question and please, invest in a dictionary and eliminate profanity from your vocabulary.

  100. I'm an award-winning journalist, you twit.

  101. Another example of journalistic excellence in today's society no doubt.

  102. And one who obviously (as I read some of your other responses) must prove his worth. I'm sure you drive a BIG car too.

  103. No I do not. I sold my '57 T-Bird. There's a photo of me with a Mohawk and my baby on here somewhere...

    I "drive" a bike nowadays. My car, which sits in the garage is '84 911 Porsche. I NEVER take it out.

    Yes, I've read the other responses too. People don't like me. I care little about that. However, that's why I've discontinued this shit... pat yourself on the back ~ YOU WIN !
    Game Over.

  104. You obviously don't understand the subtlety of the car reference. Let me spell it out. Big cars (or sports car-type vehicles) are often driven by a man trying to overcompensate for having a small penis.

    Even your bragging response shows your need to prove yourself.

    No, people don't seem to like you. Perhaps you should ask yourself why. Everyone else can't be wrong while you alone are correct.

    If you can afford a Porshe you can afford psychoanalysis.

  105. I love it how people think they know so much about me. How it's easy to hide behind an anonymous moniker and spew about your pontificating garbage.

    I'm not twisting your arm to visit my blog. You can stop anytime.

    Show me respect and I'll do the same - otherwise fuck-off.

    PS - send a photo of yourself and I'll superimpose my 9-incher in your ear - on the house :)

  106. Typical.

    Posting anonymously simply allows for expressing opinions without being annoyed later for expressing those opinions. It makes those opinions no less valid. My opinion simply happens to be that you are a hypocrite and a childish badly behaved one at that. I don't say I know you. I'm simply commenting on the behavior you display here.

  107. I see. So, it's okay to annoy me but you just don't want to get your feeling hurt at the rejoinder. I understand now.
    It's like the student in the classroom who yells out from the back of the room that the lesson being taught sucks, yet when the teacher asks; 'who said that?" no one raises their hand. Therefore everyone suffers. Hence, this blog is finished until I attain the stated amount of followers.

    I welcome the opinions from others. It's never been my intention to quash them. If you had set out to annoy me, I can tell you it's not working.

    This BLOG is meant to be “a prolonged insult, a gob of spit in the face of Art, a kick in the pants to God, Man, Destiny, Time, Love, Beauty...” Of course, I didn’t say this. It’s Miller from ‘Tropic of Cancer.’ Yet, it aptly applies to what I set out to do when creating this blog.

    I may post this quote along with an image over the weekend so that others better understand my intentions. Do me a favor ~ don’t stop by.


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