Monday, May 2, 2011

Yvette Not Yet Mummified

Thanks Mr. X


  1. Daughter of jazz musicians and Playmate in '59 methinks she had a full and heavy partying life. Always turn off your heater unless you want to turn out like a dried prune or Ramses.

  2. HA ~ I know. I couldn't believe the damn thing was working after a year running non-stop.

    Spiderwebs on the mailbox - another good sign something is amiss. Dopey-ass postman couldn't figure that one out?

  3. So did something bad happen to this hottie?:(

  4. Yvette Vickers died recently. Mr. X sent me a link.

    It had been a year and no one had found her. A friend finally went over to her house in Los Angeles. She was mummified - probably due to the heater that had been left on all that time.

  5. Fuck! I hope her friend didn't have an egyptian fetish.


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