Monday, May 2, 2011

Garage Bands That Never Made It - Part 1


  1. I remember GOP (Grains of Pus) had a big hit with their cover version of Sky Saxon and the Seed's "Pushin' Too Hard"

    B-Side of the Assanova's 45 was
    "Backdoor Ma'am?"

    None of the 6 guys on the cover of the Far Out 7 was actually in the band. The actual Far Out 7 consisted of Derrik Foster a 56year old music teacher from Milton Iowa who wrote all the music and played all the instruments on the albums. In an interview Foster later admitted he came up with the idea in order to "Free Love some hippie chicks"

  2. LOL - shit I can't even spell pus !

    I'll have to change that...

    Freakin' hilarious dude.


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