Monday, July 18, 2011

Devil Dolls

Every new follower will get 5 new a problem with it? 
     BLOW ME.


  1. Hey where did ya steal this one, you little faggot

  2. Maybe I didn't clarify it enough - Your smelly bitch of a mom's fuck hole. How's that's - and I'll add a little smiley face :)

    See, I rule this shit - you don't. Yet you keep coming back here... Make me happy and you'll get more.
    Send your mom's phone # and I'll stop by and stick a fat cock in her ear. I won't even charge her THIS TIME.

  3. Miss, don't you find it embarrassing to keep visiting my site and leaving messages ?
    Do you stop by daily?
    That's sad.
    I pray you're a woman because a dude would have the balls to admit who he was.

  4. See, it's because of scumbags like YOU that I WILL NOT POST ANY MORE until 600.

    So join up dickhead. And kiss my balls while you're at it :)

  5. Write I AM SORRY - 50 times or this will be the last fucking image you see.

    Do it, and I'll post 50 new images.


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