Friday, July 8, 2011



  1. WOW this is SO coool, take other people's photos, their work, regardless if it IS public domain, someone other than you created the image, slap some vulgar addition or even NO alterations AND slap a copy-write notice on it, THEN bitch and whine like a baby when someone else does the same thing to you, you MUST be a GD liberal.

  2. Here's a rather witty response for you... suck my dick.

  3. I really hate fucks like you.

    I post 20 new images and this is the only one you can comment on. You must live a miserable life. Lurking about going from blog to blog.

    Constantly contradicting, always thinking you're right, and never offering anything to the world or anyone else.


  4. With your obsession with homosexuality and childishly vulgar riposte, you answered my summation, by the way asshat, you posted some images, NOTHING about them was new, other than your phoney copywrite tag and some utterly childish Photoshopping

    here's an idea, get a camera or a copy of Coreldraw and CREATE your own work instead of stealing or defacing someone elses work.

  5. Send me a link to something you're created. Anything. Maybe a poem to your goldfish, or something you've finger-painted. I don't care. I'd just like to observe your creative talent.

    If I like what you do - I'll correct everything on this blog. Deal?

  6. what a mighty ego thievery makes

  7. Oh and now I'm finished with you. You can stop coming back if you'd like. But you won't - you can't get enough of this shit.

    I care very little of your opinion and will delete all further anonymous entries on this post.

    If you don't have the balls to admit who you are - then fuck off.

  8. I've changed the setting because I'm tired of dumb hicks posting their comments.

    I asked for this individual to send a link of some creative stuff they done - they couldn't. Yet they like to criticize - so fuck 'um. Fuck 'um in the ear.

    I have a new blog to enjoy. I'll be back here at 600 followers to post more. The entire new blog will be transferred at 1000. See ya.

  9. Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.- Pablo Picasso @anon


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