Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Get It


  1. how appropriate, nonsensical crap from a idiot child.

  2. Wow - you're still stopping by... I'm impressed. And even after I called you mom a filthy fat cunt.

  3. Here's the deal - fuck-face.

    You write "I'm a twat" 50 times and I'll let you see ALL the shit you're missing.

    I'll transfer the entire blog if you do it. Promise !

  4. Little Thief, if i wanted to see anything of worth, minus the idiocy, there are better places to visit.
    you are a pompous little "generation worthess" hipster douchebag.

  5. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough... I fucked that fat pig of a mom of yours up the ass.

  6. I really do have a horrible mouth. And I apologize if I hurt your feelings. Let's try to be friends, okay?


  7. Oh, and by the way I'm a Rhodes Scholar - fucking hard to believe.

  8. you are correct, i dont believe.
    Rhodes Scholar?, as worthless as a Woman's Studies Degree.
    let me guess 20-38 homosexual leaning towards very fairy, to the point of embarrassing even gay men, never held an actual job producing anything, mostly drifting from one pell grant to NRA grant sponging off parents or the government, tendencies to over dramatize and well known to the local suicide help line.
    you are psychologically classified as sociopathic, harboring deep sexual attractions to your father.

    am i close pookie?

  9. You're close... but guess again.

    I'll give you a hint. I'm like the demon that creeps into your house at night to fuck your mother's cunt as cavernous as it may be.

  10. let me guess, Andy Dick following Little Boys?, but you are less butch than he?

  11. lol - that's pretty funny.

    I love the fact I'm pissing people off. That they keep visiting my blog and keep posting hilarious comments. It gives me a boner :)

  12. I love all the hateful comments. It reinsures the fact that they're angry I'm not posting anymore. They keep stopping by hoping to see sometime, trying to rile me up but it's not working.
    All it tells me is that I’ve made an impact as opposed to other useless blogs that shuffle images from one page to the next without offering the world anything. Pathetic.

    For example, if these people who post images all day of retro women would spend one-tenth the time pursuing a real woman, they might actually get laid.


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