Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Special Delivery


  1. bright move there dumbass, obscure the photo you stole with your idiotic "Copyright"

  2. Such a shame what they're missing out on...

  3. As an artist, I have to see you are making a copyright parody of your self. You do no service to your art with this silliness, which seems to be more about ego than IP rights.

    just saying...

  4. Good. Then I am achieving my goal.

    Yes, it is about ego and respect. People refused to post a link in the past so now they can suck my fucking cock.

    I'd like to show them all what they're missing. If they correct things that they've wronged in the past, I too will make amends.

  5. so, stealing OTHER work and pasting your puerile idiocy on it it is somehow worth Seeing?, what a sad little Generation Me retard you are.
    why not actually create your OWN WORK you fucking little thief.
    you are not an artist, you are a postmodern retard stealing other people's materials splashing on something vulgar or "ironic" on it and pretending that somehow you are the creative equivalent of Rembrandt,Munch or for Gawd's sake Lenny Bruce.
    you aren't hip, or edgy, you are a sad example of why birth control or sterilization should be enforced.
    Talent cannot be pulled out of the ass of a delusional fool, You are the textbook example.

  6. "Gawd" ? - ha, you crack me up !

    How long did it take you to compose that comment?
    It's really insightful.

  7. I just have to add one more thing... I don't know why people are getting so worked up over this. It's over.
    You don't have to subject yourself to my nonsense.

    You're welcome to leave your scathing opinions but it really means nothing to me at this point.

    Ba-bye :)


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