Saturday, July 2, 2011

Utter Horror

So many people have let me down...
I actually reserved invitations for them - they never contacted me
so FUCK'UM - it's all filled up !
Here are 2 out of 750 new posts....
I'll stay true to my word - 500 will get you 20 new ones...
Enjoy the fireworks.


  1. I won't flatter myself that I was one of the few for which you were holding an invitation. I went on a blog-reading hiatus for the last six weeks or so....


    As a marginal member of the creative class myself, but especially as someone who is married to a full-fledged artist, I have to say that I sympathize with your decision to pull up stakes, and I suppose I understand the vitriol, too. I hope your new location is a happier place for you, and I hope it's not as impossible to find as I suspect it might be. Fare well, and I'll keep peeking in to see if anything's new.

  2. Thank You Mr. Rats.

    Yeah, you got one. Just need your email.

  3. Did I send it to the wrong place? Within a couple of days of your comment, I sent my email address to the email address I found in your profile. I've been more diligent than usual at checking my gmail inbox since, but I haven't been able to find anything from you.

    Shall I retransmit? I look forward to the opportunity to see your work without also reading the profane complaints that fill the comments. Of course I don't *have* to read them, but for too many decades my eyes have been trained to keep scanning, left to right, top to bottom. It's a hard habit to break. : )

  4. I apologize if I didn't add you already. Yes, please re-submit if ya'd like.
    I'd be happy to send an invite.

    Make sure you follow this blog first - that's all I ask :)


  5. I did a quick scan - and saw that you do follow it... thanks :)


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