Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Off To Asia...............

I'm still seeing things I created on Tumblr sites 
without a link.
Are you fucking losers that incompetent? 
Dumb-ass brain-dead mother-fuckers.
Insert a a link and you'll get more - otherwise


  1. FUCK YOU! You're always complaining about this shit you whining bitch, shut up and delete this fucking blog already

  2. Blah blah - you scumbag - it's YOU who keeps looking... so fuck off.

  3. Wow - really now, you don't have to look at this shit, yet you keep coming back - so tell me, who is the nitwit here? Huh?

  4. How cute. It's easy to post comments like that when one is hidden behind an Anonymous label. Takes real balls to own your words though. Maybe if you had some talent to contribute to the world (maybe you do - without a name, we'll never know), you'd understand why theft pisses an artist off. But for now, we'll all just laugh at your ignorance and cowardice. :) Good day!

  5. And while I consider myself more a comedian than artist, I am however an excellent judge of character... that's why Jackie and her husband got an invite :)

  6. Yes, good morning Enric... a very noble yet non sequitur gesture. Enjoy your scrambled eggs.


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