Friday, January 28, 2011

Bill's Pony


  1. "All you need to do is stay on for 8 seconds."

  2. As Bob took another drag off the burnt plastic smelling cigarette and passed it back to Bill, he felt his arms and legs begin to tingle. Just what is this "Angel Dust"? he queried Bill , his voice sounding slow, distant and somehow unfamiliar to him even though it was his own. "Blarr Gargh Fotekdjd " said Bill who was now ripping the clothes followed by the flesh from his own body and stuffing the luncheon canapes into the open wounds. Bob looked down and saw his Grey suit was now bright blue with white stripes,he began to laugh and as he lifted his glass to peer through it he saw Bills head turning into the pistil of a giant red and white flower, maybe a poppy he thought. But then out of the corner of his eyes he saw it. A giant red polka dot sea monster rising from the pool
    "Abdoswor sfiopek dwrippdjis"
    Bob drooled as he lost consciousness hitting his head on the side of the table.

  3. Amazing how you can twist anything into a sci-fi / horror scenario !


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