Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Spirit Photography


  1. Casper haunts the evil man that brutally killed him when he was just a child, but the man is unrepentant and has just told Casper he would do it again as he stares the malevolent spirit down. The result of Casper's shock is the Ectoplasm seen dripping from his ass. I pretty much despise all Harvey Comics characters. Especially Casper and Baby Huey.

  2. Totally demented - I love it !

    How can you not like Baby Huey - he's so stupid and annoying.

    My sister was the one with Harvey Comics - I only collected Marvel and DC.

  3. Me demented? What kind of a comic character is a dead child? And you know Casper and Richie Rich are the same character? Casper is is dead brother.

  4. I'll post some Richie Rich for you... will that make you happy?


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