Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little To The Left...


  1. Anaheim Ca. in the late '50s early 60's?
    If that is the Matterhorn what is the camera on? (is Snow Whites Castle turret higher?)
    I think we are looking at Tomorrowland and The Autopia, Rocket to the Moon and of course the Monorail tracks. In the BG a future parking lot or future Disney's California Adventure maybe? Santarigger should not be standing on the top of the ladder as that is a flagrant OSHA safety violation. Walt D' is obviously planning on luring some wise-men with this fake star o' Bethlehem scam. He will rob them to finance his criminal empire or just force them to work as "Imagineers"

  2. "Imagineers" - you crack me up.

    We are looking at Tomorrowland, Anaheim, late 50's.
    The parking lot - which has yet to be built - will one day be very familiar to you and your pals as Dopey stares you down from beyond the gates.

  3. Re: OSHA violation. Santa wasn't working as a rigger, he's an actor (he's in costume, after all). He needs the ladder to be seen by the crowd, and as an actor (stunt-person) there are exceptions to the OSHA rules allowed. All provided there are appropriate safety measures in place.

  4. Real riggers don't mind. On a Rolling Stone's show the head rigger lost his thumb - "pour some whiseky on it mate." - true story.

    Now, ya wanna hear what happened while we were setting up the giant, mirror ball for Pink Floyd?


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