Friday, January 28, 2011

The Plastic Lady

Chemical engineer, Nigel Holbrook married his childhood sweetheart, Agnes Pembleton in 1946. Within a year, she had developed an extreme case of body odor which Holbrook attributes to an accident occurring in his laboratory.
“Agnes was always meddling around my concoctions,” Holbrook said.
The stench was so unbearable, Holbrook created a plastic suit for his wife to wear. She wore the oxygen-filled apparatus everywhere and became known to the townsfolk as The Plastic Lady.

The Oak Hill Gazette - Austin, Texas
Agnes Pembleton Holbrook - 1946


  1. So wearing a plastic suit was more appealing to her than smelling bad? I would have told Nigel to get bent and deal with it. On the plus side, she never had to have sex with him again.


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