Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Am The Angel Of Death


  1. Brenda Anne "I don't like Mondays," Spencer's mom?

    Typical Alaskan getting ready to hunt, skin , field dress, and cook dinner.

  2. Colorado - small gated town of scientist - atomic age.

    Apparently looking to bag some glowing gophers.

  3. Sandra had warned Ben that if she found the bath towels crooked one more time he would be sorry.

  4. Love how diligent the Conservatives can be, with their guns & good christian charity...

  5. That's a Remington .22 semi-auto. The tube under the barrel is the magazine. You can see the slot where the ammo is loaded, after the spring-loaded rod is removed. The knob on the slide can be pushed in to lock the cylinder into single-shot mode.

    Still have one of these in my dad's basement, I think.


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