Sunday, January 30, 2011

When Dinosaurs Ruled


  1. The beautiful Victoria Vetri aka Angela Dorian ('68 Playmate of the Year) currently charged with attempted murder for shooting her BF down the street from me. I don't understand why she did not just have her pet Dinosaur chomp him instead.
    Does she get "Lope'd" in this movie or was this her pet hatching? This movie has some great stop-motion animation and like a 20 word script by J.G Ballard and they use the word AKITA!, with different intonations for everything. Also unlike Raquel, Ms. Vetri has some awesome nude scenes.

  2. Another crazy in that beautiful neaighborhood of yours? I didn't know she shot her husband - perhaps he was dragging that cave hussy by the hair...

    * Raquel filled in for Julie Andrews on Victor/ Victoria. I did sound. I had to listen in to the wireless mic packs to make sure they were working before curtain...

    Raquel throws a tantrum before one scene. Her tiara is too big... "Don't these producers know I have big tits, a small pussy and a small head?"


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