Monday, January 31, 2011

My Family Reunion


  1. One of Us One of Us We accept you We accept you.
    A very young 1/2 boy Johnny Eck, and even younger Angelo Rossito aka lil' Angie aka Master Blaster (top half). Plus the Hilton sisters "blowing" non-skin flutes (I am sure if they were alive today they would be in Freak Porn or at least have their own Kardashian type show), and of course Schlitze the Pinhead
    Angelo was always unfairly typecast as a dwarf. When not acting he also ran a newsstand just off Hollywood Blvd.He is/was always awesome.
    I guess Prince Randian is taking the photo.

  2. That film has stayed with me 30 years after seeing it. It's a true classic.


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