Friday, January 28, 2011

Rat Burgers


  1. Excuse me miss I ordered a Ratburger with cheese and this doesn't have any cheese on it. And my wife ordered a double Ratburger Animal style and the onions on hers are raw not grilled.

    Anyway that might not be a Ratburger at all, rather a Ratcicle (Frozen Rat). The Rat's tail acts in place of a wooden popsicle stick for the frozen rodent treat.

  2. lol - "Ratcicles" - brilliant. I wish there was a sign in the place where I could have fit that fit.

  3. When I used to keep big Reptiles I always had to have bags of Ratcicles on hand in a freezer. Yuk.

  4. Wow. It's amazing how large my iguana got off crickets, grubs and lettuce.
    I did have him in a huge tank which was once a deco designed jewelry display case with built-in lights. The glass on top cracked so I made a Plexiglas cover - he used to push it off and wander around the house.


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