Monday, January 17, 2011

Bug Bite


  1. The Monster from Green Hell.
    Pretty much the same quality with more "entertainment value" than the schlock currently on SyFy channel.
    Think that giant insect is a leftover parade float?
    Soon to be remade with really bad CG VFX Starring (Choose 6) Dean Cain, Lou Diamond Phillips, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, David Soul,Jason Straham Carrot Top,the voice of Casey Kasem , a WWE Character, adorable old couple,crotchety old man, nerdy Asian guy, washed up football player, troubled teen,fat kid, young daughter, pregnant mom, ,Kendra, Random Comedy relief character + 6 expendable victims and a dog

  2. Okay I'll never be able to get to bed now... I'm laughing too hard - funniest f'in thing ever.

    People use "lol' a lot but seriously, 'the voice of Casey Kasem" - holy shit, you had me rolling... and the REAL funny thing is... producers are probably - at this very moment - considering such a venture...and what's even funnier, is you'll probably get a call to work on it.

  3. And I would work on it ; if they called


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