Monday, January 17, 2011

Cars From The Future #162


  1. Hey! That was shot in México! The building is commonly referred as the "Chichi de cobre" (that could be translated as copper boobie).

  2. Excellent ! The Copper Boobie - ha, that's great !

    Any idea what kind of car this is? Because I sure don't...

  3. C'mon really?
    Doesn't everyone know the 1970 Pininfarina designed Ferrari Modulo ?
    A very famous vehicle
    Feel free to check my work.

  4. I'm almost sure it's a concept Lamborghini from the early 1970's, but I'll have to investigate. My dad once took me to this stadium to attend a car show, but I was too young to remeber which cars I saw.

  5. Haven't found it yet. It looks a lot like a Maserati Boomerang, here's another pic:

  6. Of course YOU would know AzathothX since it looks like something you regularly used to work with in a land where no man has gone before...


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