Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cotton Candy


    This post I got from your blog got 436 notes in one afternoon/evening!!! ;D
    Big Kiss Mr Twisted Vintage and keep up the great posts. My Tumblr needs you ;)
    Hoodoo That Voodoo x

  2. Thanks you Hoodoo for at least one...

    kiss kiss


  3. Again a great image. I wish it was in 3D.
    I bet I have worked on that sound stage(but they all look the same; Jayne is posing in the Fire Lane by the way.). If the Perms could talk. There is probably a great art project in documenting all the vintage "Grip-phitti" in the Perms of the old studio stages.

  4. "Grip-phitti" - lol - a great term.

    There is an art project in the making, and YOU should be the one making it. Now dig out that old Polaroid and start snapping away !

    Oh, and if Jayne was in 3-D, I'm sure you'd never veer far from your computer...

  5. your blog is amazing, i really love it.
    where did you got this pic? im thinking in tattooing it, so it would be nice to find it larger.

  6. Thank you El Bergo !

    That is the largest size I have - It was sent to me by a friend. I'll check to see if she has a larger version, or if I find one I'll let you know.


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