Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinah In The Kitchen


  1. Waiting for the:
    Milk/Ice/Gas/Plumber/Repair/Delivery Boy from the Market/Delivery Boy from the Liquor Store/Post/UPS/Pizza Delivery/Backdoor

  2. Ha - 'backdoor man' perfect.

    I had an alternative title along those lines... The Ice Man Cometh... On Her Chin - something to that affect. I'll probably save it for a different photo.

  3. Oui - get rid of the drapes but leave the apron - it's very sexy ;)

  4. I think the funniest part is that I am almost certain this is a John F. Long home. I have seen this exact kitchen layout in a house that my friend owned. That's the garage through the door to her right.

    I know I shouldn't be noticing the kitchen, but it's familiar.

    "This summer! John F. Schlong presents..."

  5. hahahaha... very cool faucet. I've always appreciated great architecture whether in a room or a woman.


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