Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disney Valentine Card


  1. Back in the day pretty much the only place (and the parking lot) to smoke weed at the Magic Kingdom; and they still smelled it when you exited, quickly.
    Some friends of my parents were busted by Dopey, true story; and I know of others that were escorted out of the park via the underground tunnels. Not so magic.

  2. LOL - busted by Dopey. Did he accidentally cuff himself?

  3. I would have enjoyed a lot the experience of the Magic Kingdom on drugs. I guess the "Small World" must have been quite a journey.

  4. Ha - Lisa Simpson should know... classic episode.

    Why did I ever stop smoking pot !?!?!

    If I hadn't smoked so much in the first place I might know the answer to that question...


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