Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Godzilla Vs. The Robot


  1. Oh dear. It would appear Godzilla's opponent is nearsighted.

  2. Godzilla Vs the Cosmic Monster aka Godzilla Vs the Bionic Monster aka Terror of MechaGodzilla!
    And if a giant radioactive fire breathing reptile battling a giant metal fingernail rocket launching ,red lightning emitting , and rainbow beam firing, bionic robot reptile is not exiting enough lets fire a bunch of random rockets all over the place just to spice it up.
    Their legs look kind of dwarf like.

  3. lol - yeah, not much a super monster if ya can't hit something three-feet away from you.

  4. lol - what's with those random rockets?

    I've seen three or four different titles for this film. The one I cropped out was 'Godzilla Against The Robot'... as apathetic, as I've become.


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