Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Head Hunters


  1. Yes, the current bartering scale equates to 3 human heads for a bologna sandwich.

  2. "Look, I don't have time for this. For the last time, I am not the Kraken and that is not the head of Medusa."

  3. Another Norman Saunders hideous Masterwork. The headhunters are the good guys in this piece. They are working for US Army Capt. Blackburn or some such, guerrilla killing "Japs". Kind of like Col. Kurtz collecting heads in Apocalypse Now. Based on a true story, supposedly. And I think the tag is "One Igorot (the tribe) was worth 10 Japs". Which makes each one worth 3.3 Bologna sandwiches according to your head/sandwich exchange rate.
    Classic example of Heads We Win .

  4. lol - your knowledge and wit combination f'in cracks me up.

    Again, all the captions everyone is contributing are priceless !!!


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