Sunday, January 23, 2011

M1 Motorway

Brian Duffy 1960


  1. Always wanted a E-type coupe then I saw the D-type and the C, which I want even more, sigh. Even if I could afford it, (which I can't) I already have enough oil stains in my driveway. Jag and Rolls mechanics are never out of work. I also recall that these cars smell of rich leather and cherry-wood (and gas and oil) the moment you open the door. This is probably latter than '60 as the car was not even available for sale till '61. Best use in film is "Danger Diabolik" IMHO. Where Diabolik has an entire room full of black and white XKE's as far as you can see.

  2. D-type is gorgeous.

    Jags and Rolls - more time in the shop than in the driveway.

    Never saw "Danger Diabolik" - I'll put it on my list.


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