Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mars Attacks


  1. I bet Saunders banged this one out fast.
    I wonder if the mandible'd housewife is more agitated about being bisected and consumed, or the stain that fountain of red gore is going to make on her freshly vacuumed carpet.

  2. I couldn't believe how prolific he was. He probably painting this one while driving to work...
    She's probably agitate that her pot roast is drying out in the oven and all the flack she'll get from her husband because dinner isn't on the table.

  3. This housewife uses a lidded pot and low setting - no dry pot roasts. Oh & also tells the man of the house he can f*ck off if he's going to be an ass about dinnertime. ;-)

    On another note, I'm loving this series!

  4. It's about time a female chimmed in and put us in our place.

    Now where's my supper ! Just kidding... ;)


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